DCMSYS - vendor neutral DICOM and HL7 Router from Dicom Systems was created to achieve compatibility and improve workflow between various healthcare providers. DCMSYS seamlessly integrates with your existing RIS, HIS, PACS and their related information systems, ensuring efficient and cost-effective communication across your networks.

Our proprietary technology dramatically simplifies client’s IT structure by applying industry standard protocols, such as SNMP, SSL/TLS, DICOM and HL7, thus enabling users staggeringly quick and effective access to information regardless of their physical location. Trusted by top healthcare facilities, and providing the most effective integrated workflow in digital imaging, Dicom Systems ensures that doctors, practitioners and diagnosticians have the most reliable and most immediate access to patient data from across their Healthcare Enterprises.

Systems Benefits:

• Faster turn-around time
• Lower Costs
• Extended functionality of current systems and networks
• Improved patient care through more efficient image exchange
• Remote system management
• Enterprise solution for DICOM and HL7 workflow