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About Us
McKesson Provider Technologies is a healthcare IT company, dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions with the power to make a difference in how you provide healthcare. Our capabilities extend beyond healthcare IT software to include automation and robotics, business process re-engineering, analytics, and other services that connect healthcare providers, physicians, payors and patients across all care settings. With our long-term commitment to support your goals of providing healthcare that is safer, more efficient and more cost-effective, we are ready to be your partner in these endeavors.

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The McKesson Provider Technologies customer base in the United States includes:

* 52% of all health systems
* 80% of health systems with more than 200 beds
* 20% of all physician practices
* 25% of home care agencies, supporting more than 50,000 home care visits annually

Healthcare IT Adoption:

* Hospitals scan and safely administer more than 3 million medications per week using our bar-code scanning solution
* 1+ billion results per year are handled by our laboratory systems at 200+ sites
* Over 207,000+ users log in to HorizonWP® Physician Portal for a total of more than 6 million logins per month
* 100,000+ physician practices depend on our software solutions to run their practice
* 315 ROBOT-Rx® pharmacy robots in North America dispense 350 million medication doses annual error-free