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NeoTool has a singular focus on healthcare systems integration and offers software solutions, consulting, and training for a broad variety of healthcare application interfacing. We specialize in HL7 and healthcare-related software, and constantly strive to make interfacing more efficient and cost-effective. More than 2,500 users worldwide have selected NeoTool for their HL7 interfacing and training needs. Our customers include healthcare providers (e.g., hospitals, imaging centers, labs, and clinics) and healthcare software application providers and medical device manufacturers.NeoTool has been an active member of the HL7 organization since 1997. In order to facilitate a more widespread acceptance of HL7 and build a base of knowledge derived from providers and vendors of all sizes, NeoTool has participated in every HL7 working group meeting since 1997 and has shared its knowledge by teaching a series ofHL7 training classes since 1999. Additionally, the company routinely provides consulting services on interface technology to both providers and vendors. Several of our team members have the experience of building three generations of healthcare interface engines.NeoTool offers software solutions, consulting, and training for healthcare application interfacing to:Hospitals Imaging centers Labs Healthcare software application providers Medical device manufacturers Clinics Each of these healthcare entities have benefited from NeoTool