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DiCOM grid inc. is a seamless medical image management system that provides: Digital Storage Management (DSM) and Digital Image Transport (DIT). The ?Grid? is a seamless medical image management system that provides physicians from any location with a single point of access to radiology health records irrespective of origin-whether from a hospital or outpatient imaging center. The ?Grid? allow doctors who work in multiple unaffiliated sites to electronically review radiology studies with significant ease and time savings compared to traditional means while complying with stringent governmental security and privacy regulations (HIPAA).

Digital Storage Management is the only DiCOM grid storage product which offers the client turn key management of its studies which includes primary (on or off-site) storage, data archiving, and disaster-recovery solutions to the healthcare industry. By helping clients protect their data assets today, DiCOM grid helps them to protect the health of their patients and business continuity services.

Digital Image Transport includes the only electronic couriering component that allows digital studies to be sent and received anywhere electronically.