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Dell is among the leading providers of IT solutions and services to the healthcare industry; offering providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies with leading business and technology solutions that extend from the point of care to the data center. The company scales from the largest healthcare systems in the world to the smallest physician practices.

Dell's integrated business process and technology solutions help healthcare customers maximize efficiency and reimbursement; achieve clinical excellence and create communities of practice to more efficiently deliver quality patient care.

Dell's Unified Clinical Archive is an end-to-end portfolio of solutions for medical image data management, archiving and sharing. This all in one solution is open, capable and affordable delivering a consolidated and application neutral storage platform that can be scaled across multiple clinical departments. The solution offers a broad portfolio of tools for data management, on-premise and cloud based archiving and secure data sharing.

Dell Healthcare connects people to the right technology and processes to create information-driven healthcare and accelerate innovation.

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