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Keep your images on your PACS
Providing access to medical images outside of radiology, cardiology, Digital Imaging Repositorys and other PACS systems does not have to mean installing and managing 1000s of PACS Workstations, burning DVDs or moving your images up to the cloud. Our eUnity server integrates directly to your PACS and other imaging sources to deliver medical images quickly and securely to your referral base or other qualified health professionals and clinicians. eUnity runs without an install on any commonly configured web-browser; Apple MAC® or Microsoft Windows® PC. Once the eUnity client is closed there are no medical images or software left on the clinicians system.

Our Technology
At Client Outlook were building innovative IT solutions that provide Health Professionals with secure access to the information they need at the point of care. Our initial offering, eUnity, is a server-based product. Once installed, clinicians access medical images using eUnitys zero footprint client through their favourite web-browser; regardless of their location and with no client software to manage. eUnity does all this real-time and keeps medical images where they belong, with the PACS they reside on. This ensures clinicians are viewing the most up to date medical data.