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Recognized as a leader in Mammography Information Management for more than 15 years, MagView offers scalable mammography software for mammograpy tracking, mammography reporting and MQSA outcome monitoring to meet the needs of every mammography department or practice. MagView is flexible enough to adapt to the requirements of your group, and powerful enough to efficiently automate your patient workflow. See why the major breast centers in the country have chosen MagView.Patient TrackingMagView offers many patient tracking features that automate tracking, follow-up and recall functions, ensuring that no patient falls through the cracks.Mammography ReportingMagView offers extensive reporting options to fit the needs of any radiologist. Reports can be transcribed and dictated, or standardized based on BI-RADS terminology and the BI-RADS reporting system.Quality Assurance ReportingMagView offers complete quality assurance reporting and outcome monitoring features. These tools allow your group to perform a comprehensive self audit, review and assess your screening and diagnostic programs, and comply with all MQSA requirements. Workflow and Department ManagementMagView offers complete solutions for workflow and mammography department management. These tools allow your group to achieve the optimal workflow while distributing information where and when it is needed.