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Swearingen is focused on radiology, and especially the radiology software user. With RISynergy®, we offer a state of the art radiology information system (RIS) that provides a dramatically more satisfying experience for those who use it.

We were founded in 1984 by our President & CEO, Randall Swearingen. He launched the company to solve to an important problem: radiology software users were struggling to understand and use their RIS software, and they weren't being fully supported by the companies that sold it to them.

Unlike many PACS and RIS/PACS providers, Swearingen is not a multi-product company seeking to leverage its existing platform into radiology. It was instead built from the ground up for radiology, in order to better meet the unique needs of radiology software users. Through the industry-standard HL7 interface, RISynergy® easily links to virtually every HIS and PACS.