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If you can imagine it, we can design and deliver it.
How can a RedRick solution increase comfort, productivity, and diagnostic accuracy while reducing computer-related injuries? Quite simply by redefining the Radiologists' total work environment.

Each Radiologist reading room workstation and monitor mounting solution uses ergonomic and biomechanical engineering to adapt to the individual requirements of body type, job conditions and work flow. The result is a distinct environment immeasurably more comfortable and productive than conventional furniture could ever provide. This is a better ergonomic environment and improved productivity. It's space and time as defined by you.

Let RedRick design, build and deliver a reading room solution that meets your staff's unique needs and department's budget. Redrick Form. Function. Flow.

Expertise that comes from focus.
Since 2001, RedRick has worked exclusively with Radiologists to engineer flexible workstations, monitor mounting solutions and accessories suited specifically for the unique characteristics and requirements of diagnostic imaging reading rooms. This focus results in a thorough understanding of the complex needs, including Digital Imaging (PACS) and the operational implications that come with the change from film to digital, as well as the advancements in digital imaging technology.

RedRick provides hospitals and clinics throughout North America with individual reading room solutions: from customized ergonomic workstations to entire reading room environments, including design consultation, workflow recommendations, space planning and light and acoustic design.

RedRick is a proud supporter and two time contributor to Dr. Eliot Siegel's Reading Room of the Future project at the Baltimore VA Hospital. With the generous endorsement of Dr. Seigel, RedRick, in association with our associate Evolve Technologies Corp and with Barco, successfully proposed and implemented the Optimization of the Reading Room interactive ergonomic training Center at the American College of Radiology Continuing Education Center in Reston, VA.