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What do we do?

YOOSCAN provides free safe secure transfer, storage, and sharing of medical images for everyone everywhere.
No more CDs or paper films to store or transport medical images between healthcare facilities.

Why are we doing this?

A fundamental flaw exists in the current system for handling patient information. There is no way for patients to easily keep track of one of the most important and complex parts of their health records, the medical images and other radiology images. Patients were being forced to use unreliable CDs or boxes of paper or film images to share their medical images with their doctors and between medical institutions. Also when patients had to seek medical care on an emergency basis, this potentially lifesaving information was usually not available.

YOOSCAN changes all this and makes this information readily available at anytime for proper healthcare management at no cost to patients, doctors and healthcare facilities.

How do we do it and cover our costs?

We offer voluntary optional sponsorships for healthcare facilities, doctors, and others which allow us to provide this valuable service at no cost to everyone else. Sometimes doing good is better than doing well.

Who are we?

YOOSCAN has been in the business of handling sensitive private medical images for the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration as well as leading hospitals all over the United States for over 10 years. We have safely and securely handled hundreds of millions of medical images over the internet while following HIPAA and all other privacy laws and regulations.